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X22 Upper Room UV Air Sterilizer

X22 Upper Room UV Air Sterilizer

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Upper Room UV sterilizer uses powerful UV-C ultraviolet energy to kill airborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.  Also destroys allergens like pet dander, organic odors, smoke smell, mildew, etc.. This UV sterilizer is designed to be positioned high in a larger room (cafeteria, church, waiting room, gym, commercial kitchen) and allows air currents to bring contaminated air to it.  Horizontal fins protect people on the floor from being able to look directly at the UV source.  Uses no fan, no filter, no ozone, and requires no regular maintenance.

Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) funds and/or Elementary and Secondary School Relief (ESSR) funds may make this product  available AT LITTLE OR NO COST for every building in your district.  


· Hospital-grade UV-C sterilizes and kills airborne viruses and pathogens within internal chamber.

· Includes X22 technology to break down and destroys allergens, mold, organic odors, and VOCs.

· Designed for safe and effective indoor operation in commercial and residential applications. 

· Ideal for use in schools, restaurants, churches, clinics, bars, hotels, spas, waiting rooms, laundry rooms, apartments, etc.

· The maximum effective area of 13,200 CF of open and unobstructed space.

· Installs in a corner near the ceiling in a commercial space with higher ceilings (12' or more)

· Features powerful UVC blast and sterilizes incoming air.

· Requires US standard 120V/60-Hz electrical power -- consumes approximately 45 or 90 watts.

· Hospital-grade stainless-steel construction  -- made in the USA.

· Measures approximately 18” wide x 7" deep x 7" high with a shipping weight of weight of 17 lbs.

· Backed with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

· Stainless steel finish.

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