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X22 S-6000 AIR SHIELD (Professional Grade) -- Air Sterilizer + Oxidizer

X22 S-6000 AIR SHIELD (Professional Grade) -- Air Sterilizer + Oxidizer

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Portable Professional Protection.  Ideal for Offices, Classrooms, Lunchrooms.  Also, Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Senior Living.

Millions of Americans buy air filters every year attempting to create a safe haven from airborne viruses, bacteria, mold -- as well as allergens and odors.  There is now something better than an air filter, cleaner or purifier.

The X22 Air Shield (model S-6000) uses advanced technology that combines the power of UV-C sterilization + silver ion technology to neutralize airborne viruses and other pathogens.  This X22 air machine has a recommended are for concentrated air sterilization of 6,000 cubic feet (800 SF) or can be used in an open area up to 1,600 SF (such as a classroom, restaurant, fitness center, multiple bedrooms, nursing home, etc.) .  Highly recommended for anyone who is recovering from surgery or battling a long-term illness. 

In addition, X22 technology destroys allergens including pet dander, organic odors, smoke smell and VOCs (like formaldehyde) by breaking down these substances down to harmless CO2 and H2O vapor.  X22 does it all with no filter, no ozone, and virtually no maintenance.  The model S-60 includes wi-fi connection so you can set the timer and schedule the whole week from your phone.  

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use in open offices, gymnasiums, cafeterias and other spaces where people gather and are exposed to airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens.  This is the X22 model frequently specified by architects for concentrated protection while also employing an X22 in-duct air sterilizer for overall protection within the property.

Customers with chronic allergies call the X22 "A Miracle Machine." 

Many parents love the X22 as it helps you sleep deeper and longer.

Restaurant and shop owners say the X22 gives them and their customers "Peace of Mine" while destroying odors.

The X22 is built to last a lifetime with a sturdy metal cabinet.  It can be mounted on the wall or sat on a table or desk.

Gat an X22 and "love the air you breathe."

· Improve indoor air quality at work, home, school -- anywhere.  

· Designed to easily be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or located on counter, table, or desktop.

· Sterilizes with powerful UV-C light energy (72 watts) and oxidizes with proprietary nano tech silver oxidation generator. 

· Hospital-grade stainless construction with special PCOC catalyst with real silver (patented technology).

· Designed for safe and effective operation around pets, children, adults and people with compromised immunity protection.

· Recommended for use in a concentrated area (office, salon, patient room) -- or used in large open area (classroom, restaurant or commercial kitchen).

· Requires standard 110-120V/60-Hz electrical power with wi-fi connection option.

· Hospital-grade stainless-steel construction with matte white finish assembled in the USA.

· Measures approximately 27” wide x 5" deep x 7" high with a shipping weight of weight of 17 lbs.

· Backed by manufacturer's 3-year warranty (excludes bulbs).

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