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X22 Filter Cartridge

X22 Filter Cartridge

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Replacement filter cartridge for gravity-fed water filter.

Provide Your Family Safer Water with X22 Nano-Technology. 

Upgrade Your Berkey Style Gravity Style Filter.

Just (1) X22 NanoTech filter outperforms (4) Ceramic style filters.

Did you ever wonder why most gravity filters have internal locations for up to (4) filters?  The manufacturers of those filters realize that their Ceramic filters are based on old technology.  They are very slow.  Now you can replace your old filters and upgrade with X22.

Just (1) X22 NanoTech filter will out-perform (4) of their filters.  And our X22 filters remove small contaminants 20x better than the Berkey style filters.  The result is superior water quality with the X22 filter.

The X22 NanoTech filter is 600% faster (and we do a better job removing very small contaminants).

Our nano-tech filter uses (3) technologies in one filter: 

1) Hundreds of layers of Nano fibers

2) Premium activated carbon

3) Silver ionization 

Better job removing flouride and chlorine from your water tap water.

NOTE: Filter only -- does not include the gravity filter enclosure. 


•Make ‘Bottled Water Quality’ from Ordinary Tap Water

•Be Better Protected Against Disease and ‘Forever Chemicals’

•EPA Lab Certified to Eliminate 99.999% of Viruses and Bacteria

•Silver-Infused Nano-Tech Filter Outperforms Other Leading Filters

•Enjoy 2000% Better Filtration vs. Other Filter Systems*

•Filter Rated for 5 Years of Reliable Service with Typical Use**

•600% Faster Filtration vs. Other Leading Filters***

•Use Anywhere (Home, Camping, Emergencies)

•Quality Construction – Built to Last 20+ Years

•Needs No Tools, No Electric, No Plumbing, No Refrigeration 

•Make Sure Your Water is the ‘SAFEST POSSIBLE’


* X22 Nano-Tech water filter removes pathogens and contaminants up to 20 times smaller than leading ceramic filters. 

** X22 Nano-Tech water filter rated for 5-year service life based upon average monthly household filtration of 41.7 gallons. 

*** X22 Nano-Tech water filter delivers up to 12 GPH filtration speed vs. 2 GPH speed for leading ceramic filters. 

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