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Remote Water Filtration with X22 Stainless Steel Housings + Anti-Scale and NanoTech Filters

Remote Water Filtration with X22 Stainless Steel Housings + Anti-Scale and NanoTech Filters

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Super simple upgrade for restuarants, hotels, senior living, etc.  

Replace old R.O. technology that requires storage tanks and several hours to make the water you need now.

One of the keys to low-maintenance, no-worry water feature is always to use super clean water.  This X22 Nanotech filter earns an A+.   

Create your own "bottled water quality" from ordinary tap water.  

This X22 water filter removes hardness, scale, and calcium that would otherwise build up unsightly deposits.  Highly recommended for water features as well as drinking water, ice cube makers, etc.  You will instantly taste the difference.


The X22 Whole House filtration systems does a superior job in removing contaminants from tap water.

·Enjoy SUPERIOR Water Quality with X22 Filters

·X22 NanoTechWater Filters Outperform All Other Leading Brands

·Better Protection Against Contaminants and Potential Disease

·EPA Lab Certified 99.999+% Elimination of Viruses and Bacteria

·Quality Stainless Steel Filter Housings -- Built to Last a Lifetime.

Did you know that your skin and hair can absorb several ounces of Chlorine (and other chemicals) from the tap water every time you shower or bathe?   

Are you aware that there are increasing quantities of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in the tap water of most major metro areas?  

Do you know that 'Water-Security' has been a major problem around the world – now it is becoming a bigger concern here in America.  

What do you know about 'Forever Chemicals' that have been recently discovered in our water supplies and are especially dangerous to children? 

There is only one X22 water filter -- the X22 NanoTech.  

Overall dimensions: 12” wide x 12” high x 5” deep (12 lb. shipping weight).  One year manuafcturer's warranty.

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