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NanoTech WHOLE HOUSE Water Filter System

NanoTech WHOLE HOUSE Water Filter System

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Enjoy SUPERIOR Water Quality 

The X22 Whole House filtration systems does a superior job in removing contaminants you’re your tap water including heavy metals, harmful chemicals, microplastics, cloudiness, colors, odors, bad taste and more.

Create "bottled water quality" from ordinary tap water.  Really a must for any restaurant, business, school, church that prepares food and drink.

Replace slow R.O. units with fast-filtering X22 nano technology.  


·Enjoy SUPERIOR Tasting and Superior Water Quality

·Have Peace of Mind with Your Family’s Water

·X22 NanoTechWater Filters Outperform All Other Leading Brands

·Better Protection Against Contaminants and Potential Disease

·EPA Lab Certified 99.999% Elimination of Viruses and Bacteria

·X22 Provides up to 100x Better Filtration vs. Leading Filters

·Quality Construction – Built to Last

·Make Sure Your Family’s Water is SAFE

Did you know that your skin and hair can absorb several ounces of Cholerine (and other chemicals) from the tap water every time you shower or bathe?   

Are you aware that there are increasing quantities of pharmaceuticals and pesticides in the tap water of most major metro areas?  

Do you know that 'Water-Security' has been a major problem around the world – now it is becoming a bigger concern here in America.  

What do you know about 'Forever Chemicals' that have been recently discovered in our water supplies and are especially dangerous to children? 

The X22 Whole House system includes the SRS prefilter (filters out relatively large particles of sediment, rust, sand). Next, water flows through the sediment filtration followed by the Premium Activated Carbon (PAC) filter. Finally, water flows through the all-important X22 NanoTech filter with its nano-silver technology and hundreds of layers of nano fibers. The NanoTech filter creates what is essentially “bottled water quality” from ordinary tap water. 

BPA-free internal components with brass 3/4" NPT inlet/outlet connections. 

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.  Overall dimensions: 17” wide x 15” high x 5” deep (10 lb. shipping weight).

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