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"SCOTTSDALE" - Advanced Water Treatment + Purification -- Salt-Free Anti-Mineral & Hardness

"SCOTTSDALE" - Advanced Water Treatment + Purification -- Salt-Free Anti-Mineral & Hardness

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Texas and Arizona each claim to have the nation's worst water quality -- but many other areas of the country have amazing bad water quality with high levels of hardness, minerals, etc.  How can a restaurant, hotel or spa offer truly high quality water from the tap?

The answer is advanced filtration technology.  Remove Contaminants + Hard Water Minerals with Advanced NanoTech Technology.

Start removing Scale and Lime from your pipes, faucets and appliances.  Improve the taste of your drinking water and improve your healthy.

Make bathing and showers SAFER.  Make hair softer, stronger and silkier.  Start removing Chlorine from your hair and skin.  Protect children from high levels of Chlorine in most of America's tap water.

X22 NanoTech filtration + salt-free water softening technoloy.

Commercial-grade system designed for businesses and larger homes.


Designed by expert water engineers and professional in America.

Sampling and expert analysis of your water is available as a special service for an additional fee. 

•Be Protected Against Waterborne Diseases and ‘Forever' Chemicals

•EPA Lab Certified 99.999% Elimination of Viruses + Bacteria (NanoTech Filter)

•Softer Water -- Obvious Upgrade on Hair and Skin Every Time You Shower or Bathe

•Start Removing Scale and Minerals from Inside Your Pipes -- Extend the Life of your Appliances 

•X22 Nano-Tech Silver Filters Outperform All Leading Filters*

•Provides 20x Better Filtration vs. Other Filter Systems**

•Make Sure Your Bathes + Showers are Free from 'Forever' Chemicals

•Commercial-Grade Jumbo 20” Filters (4 Bathrooms)

•Reliable Flow Rate up to 12 GPM***

•Overall Dimensions: 39″(H) x 30” (W) x 9″ (D) with 48 Lbs. Shipping Weight

•Max Hardness: 1282 PPM (75 GPG) / Operating Pressure: 25 to 120 psi / Operating Temp: 36 to 120 F


* X22 Nano-Tech filter removes pathogens and contaminants up to 20 times smaller vs. ceramic filters. ** Estimated 3 years use of X22 Nano-Tech filter before filter replacement based upon typical household consumption. *** X22 Nano-Tech filter delivers up to 12-15 GPM filtration vs. 6 GPM average speed with leading filters. 

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