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In-Line Water Filter with X22 Nano Technology

In-Line Water Filter with X22 Nano Technology

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COMMERCIAL BLACK LINE with X22 Nano Technology.  Heavy duty, commercial-grade, in-line filtration system does a better job than any other single-stage water filter on the market.  X22 NanoTech removes most of the chlorine and minerals from tap water.  Provides "Ultra-Filtration" and highly recommended for aquariums and waterfalls and water features to reduce maintenance and eliminate "bio-slime".


Remove Contaminants with Advanced Filtration Technology.  Commercial-Grade Designed for Restaurants, Businesses and Larger Homes.  X22 NanoTech filter is made in the USA 

•Independent Laboratory Certified 99.9998% Elimination of Viruses + Bacteria 

•X22 Nano-Tech Silver Filters Outperform Leading Filters*

•Provides 200x Better Filtration Compared to the Leading Filter Systems**

•Make Sure Your Bathes + Showers are Free from "Forever Chemicals"

•Reliable Flow Rate with No Delay (up to 12 GPM)***

* X22 Nano-Tech filter removes pathogens and contaminants up to 200 times smaller vs. standard sediment with carbon filters. ** Estimated 3 years use of X22 Nano-Tech filter before filter replacement based upon typical household consumption. *** X22 Nano-Tech filter delivers up to 12 GPM filtration vs. 6 GPM average speed with leading filters. 


Overall: 8.5" W x 8.5” D x 12” H with 1” NPT connections. Includes (1) 2.5” x 10” NanoTech filter. Ship. Wt.: 7 Lbs. 

Professional installation is recommended.  Model # CBL-110-NT 

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