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X22 Stainless Steel Gravity Water Dispenser with NanoTech Filtration

X22 Stainless Steel Gravity Water Dispenser with NanoTech Filtration

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Ensure your family always has pure water to drink -- even during an emergency. Nanotechnology removes harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and chemicals from your drinking water. It pays for itself in less than one year (compared to buying bottled water). While camping, living off-grid, or during an emergency, you can use rainwater, lake water, and even puddle water to keep you and your family hydrated.  

Optional 27" high stand available for ($60 option) for homes with limited counter space. Sturdy wooden construction with a black satin finish.

Upgrade your quality of life. X22 NanoTech water filter removes 99.9998% of waterborne viruses and bacteria from tap water.

· 2.25-gallon style gravity filter system with (1) X22 NanoTech filter.

· Advanced nanotechnology filtration (filters down to 0.01 microns).

· Removes harmful materials, including Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, and more. 

· Save money -- no need to buy a new NanoTech filter for 3-5 years (typical daily use). 

· Sturdy polished stainless steel construction.

· Use at home, camping, or in an emergency -- no electrical power or refrigeration is required.

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