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X22 MINI TOWER -- Sterilizer + Oxidizer for Personal Space

X22 MINI TOWER -- Sterilizer + Oxidizer for Personal Space

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Don't just filter the air -- destroy airborne threats including viruses, bacteria, mold -- as well as allergens and odors.  

This winter, the best way to beat the cold, flu and Covid 2.0 is to NOT GET SICK in the first place.  Neutralize the threat as soon as it appears in your home or place of work.  

The X22 Mini Tower uses advanced technology to neutralize viruses and allergens like pet dander, organic odors, smoke smell, mildew, and VOCs (formaldehyde) by breaking down these substances on the molecular level.  The X22 combines the power of UV-C sterilization with silver ion oxidation.  Patented FILTER-FREE design.   

The X22 Mini Air Tower does it all no filter, no ozone, and no regular maintenance.  

Customers with chronic allergies call the X22 "the Miracle Machine." 

X22 owners report that oxidizing power of the X22 helps keep everyone in their family healthy.  

Ideal for your personal home office or bedroom. 

Restaurant and bar owners sit the X22 Mini Air Tower on the hostess stand so the customers can see that the restaurant management cares about protecting their #1 asset -- their people (staff and customers alike).  

The X22 is built to last a lifetime with a sturdy metal cabinet that can be mounted on the wall, sat on a table or desk -- truly used anywhere where you want to concentrate the X22's power. 

Measure 6" x 6" x 15" high.  Shipping weights 11 lbs.

Sturdy metal construction.  Backed with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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