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X22 Industrial Air Sterilizer / Air Scrubber with UVC+ PCOC Technology

X22 Industrial Air Sterilizer / Air Scrubber with UVC+ PCOC Technology

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Hospital-grade air sterilizer + Industrial-grade air scrubber = X22 Industrial Air Unit.

This model consumes organic odors including tobacco and cannabis smoke, neutralizes heavy paint fumes, and destroys dangerous VOCs and chemical off-gases – all while sterilizing the air. Includes XL HEPA filter designed to remove fine airborne dust particles and an XL media chamber which can be filled with activated charcoal or ceramic bio-balls.

· Recommended for use in spaces up to 60,000 CF (open area) or concentrated into smaller spaces.

· Ideal for any large industrial, commercial, school, church, indoor sports facility or public space. 

· Hospital-grade stainless construction with zinc, copper and silver-infused catalyst is designed for years of reliable service.

· Powerful UVC sterilizes and kills airborne viruses and pathogens within internal chamber.

· Intense hydroxyl oxidation generated by our exclusive PCOC system breaks down and destroys allergens, mold, organic odors, and VOCs on the molecular level (patent pending).

· Requires US standard 120V/60-Hz electrical power -- consumes approximately 300 watts.

· Made in USA and backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

· Measures approx. 32” wide x 19” long x 34” high with a shipping weight of 120 lbs. 

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