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X22 D-48 In-Duct Sterilizer + Oxidizer for Larger Homes / Commercial Applications

X22 D-48 In-Duct Sterilizer + Oxidizer for Larger Homes / Commercial Applications

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Here's the original X22 that works like nothing else.  Don't be confused buy imitators.  Designed larger homes and commercial applications up to 48,000 cubic feet (up to 5,000 SF).   

This machine is a medical device that uses advanced technologies to neutralize, destroy and recycle pathogens including viruses, bacteria and mold.  In addition, the X22's silver ion technology destroys allergens like pet dander, organic odors, smoke smell, mildew, and VOCs (including formaldehyde) by breaking down these harmful substances into natural H2O and CO2 vapor.  X22's proprietary system does it all with no filter, no ozone, and no regular maintenance.  The HVAC model is designed to be installed in your furnace ductwork to provide "umbrella protection" throughout the home.

The X22 D-48 air sterilizer is simple and straight-forward to install.  (Installation service is available at an additional cost with our national network of veteran-installers).

Life safety and adequate ventilation is critically important -- professional installation is recommended.  When properly and safely installed, the X22 is designed to provide years of reliable service in sterilizing and oxidizing the air sent from the furnace and back into the home.  X22 will help you turn your home or business into a 'safe haven'.

The UV-C bulbs are rated at one-year with full-time operation or two years if the X22 is operated half the time.  LED indicators on the control panel will let you know when a UV-C bulb need replacement.    


· Hospital-grade stainless construction with approximately 2,800 silver-infused cells

· Commercial-grade UV-C power sterilizes and kills airborne microbes, bacteria, etc.  

· Designed to improve the quality of life for anyone who lives with allergies, asthma, or a weakened immune system.

· Ideal umbrella protection for homes, recommended for use in hospitals, restaurants, schools, churches,  doctor’s offices, apartments, etc.

· Breaks down and neutralizes allergens, mold, organic odors, and VOCs on the molecular level 

· Requires standard 110-120VAC electrical power -- and requires (2) 36-watt UV-C 4-pin bulbs.

· Sturdy metal construction with durable white finish.

· Measures approximately 9” wide x 7" deep x 18" high with a shipping weight of weight of 7 lbs.

· Backed with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.  

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