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UVC Handheld Surface Sterilizer for Commercial and Home Use

UVC Handheld Surface Sterilizer for Commercial and Home Use

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UV-C ultraviolet sterilization (253.7 nm) has been proven effective for nearly 100 years.  UV-C is now the standard hospital sterilization protocol for Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  Powerful UV-C sterilization of works well on surfaces and also effective when sterilizing phones, masks, keys, keyboards, books, pens, toothbrushes, etc.  Must wear protective eyewear and appropriate protective clothing.  Quickly disinfect phones, masks, apparel items, chairs, computer keyboards, desktops, toothbrushes, keys, purses, upholstered furniture, carpeting, countertops, pens/pencils, bedding, etc.  Hold this stainless-steel UV light fixture over the target area for less than a minutes to neutralize viruses, bacteria, mold/mildew.  It also helps break down destroys allergens like pet dander and organic odors. 

· Hospital-grade stainless construction designed for years of reliable service. 

· Designed for safe and effective indoor operation in commercial and residential applications. 

· Ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, schools, churches, offices, community centers, bars, resorts, hotels, spas, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, apartments, homes, senior living facilities, etc.

· Features powerful UVC light energy sterilizes many surfaces after close contact for 20-60 seconds.

· Requires US standard 120V/60-Hz electrical power -- consumes approximately 38 watts.

· Measures approximately 19” long x 5” high x 4” deep with a shipping weight of 7 lbs.

· Backed with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

· White finish.  

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