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Gravity Water Dispenser with Advanced Silver NanoTech Filtration

Gravity Water Dispenser with Advanced Silver NanoTech Filtration

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Provide Your Family SUPERIOR WATER with X22 Nano-Tech. 

Enjoy Better, Stronger, Faster Water Filtration. 

Includes (2) food-grade pails with (1) internal Nano-Tech filter.  Uses gravity to provide superior water filtration.  Includes two heavy duty, 5-gallon pails with screw-on top and a ratcheting lock on each lip.  Designed for many years of reliable service.  Advanced technology incorporated into X22 Nano-Tech filter provides 5 years of superior quality water for a family of four (assuming approx. 40 gallons of filtered water per month).  Easy to change Nano-Tech filter when necessary (no tools necessary).  All X22 Nano-Tech water filter are proudly made in USA. 

Great for home-use,  camping and emergency situations.  A must for every household.

 •Make ‘Bottled Water Quality’ from Ordinary Tap Water

Be Better Protected Against Waterborne Disease and ‘Forever Chemicals’

EPA Lab Certified 99.9999% Removal of Viruses and Bacteria).

Silver-Infused Nano-Tech Filter Outperforms Other Leading Filters

Enjoy 2000% Better Filtration vs. Other Filter Systems*

Outstanding Value Rated for 5 Years of Reliable Service**

600% Faster Filtration vs. Other Leading Filters***

Use Anywhere (Home, Emergencies, Off-Grid)

Quality Construction – Built to Last a Lifetime

No Tools, No Electric, No Plumbing, No Refrigeration

Make Sure Your Water is the SAFEST POSSIBLE


* X22 Nano-Tech water filter removes pathogens and contaminants up to 20 times smaller than the leading ceramic filters. 

** X22 Nano-Tech water filter rated for 5-year service life based upon average monthly household consumption of 41.7 gallons. 

*** X22 Nano-Tech water filter delivers up to 12 GPH filtration speed vs. 2 GPH speed for the leading ceramic filters. 

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